Our Work

The Foundation has made a variety of donations but here is a quick summery of a few key ones

Cycling without Age

They had been doing fundraising to try and purchase a Trishaw to help elderly residents to get out and about in thier community, Walk With Scott Foundation offered to pay half if they raised the other half and this led to a surge of donations overnight which allowed them to purchase one.

Beach Wheelchairs 

The Foundation donated a powered all terrain which allows anyone who is wheel chair bound or has severe motability issues to once again go on the beach. This was the first time that a beach was accessible to people in Scotland


This was the first thing that the foundation purchased and allowed a variety of memory backgrounds and equipment to be purchased to be used free throughout East Lothian 

Beyond Boundaries 

We donated a hand bicycle to them to allow them the opportunity for people who have no leg power to cycle again by using a hand cycle bike. This is the first bike of its kind in East Lothian 

Hollies Day Centre Musselburgh 

The Hollies  was broken into just before christmas and all the money for the their annual Christmas dinner was stolen. The Foundation  stepped in and replaced the money that was stolen to allow the elderly residents of Musselburgh to have thier Christmas Dinner 

Our Community Kitchen 

The Foundation heard about the idea of establishing a community kitchen in Haddington and decided to give them some funding to start up and trial this and it has now established new funding from a variety of sources and supports lots of people in Haddington each week